The Birth Of My Babies

My first three births were not all I expected but were not the worst experiences ever.  While being in labor with Amy was painful and I felt like such a failure getting an epidural with her, all in all I have no regrets with her birth.  I didn’t know all I know now and feel it went better than it could have…. Katie’s was so quick once things got rolling, with Katie not only did I learn I could give birth without an epidural BUT I could also enjoy the feeling of birthing my own child.  I til this day felt a little robbed of that with my first.  Christopher’s birth was my best yet, it was 3 hrs from start to finish (well unless you count the days of contractions leading up to it but I had NO clue I was in labor).  He was at the time my biggest baby and easiest birth also without an epidural….

Amy was born May 23rd, 2000 water broke at 34 weeks.  Doctor induced, epidural and less than 9 hrs later my first-born was born at 5lbs and 14oz’s 🙂 She is now almost 12 yrs old.

Katie was born August 13, 2002 after being a week late and not wanting to come out…. I was induced with NO epidural little girl came fast doctor didn’t even get to make it to her show she was 7lbs 110zs.  She is now almost 10 yrs old

Christopher was born September 21, 2003 37 weeks, I wasn’t feeling him move much and went into the hospital to get checked, found out I was 7 cms doctor broke my water and 3 hrs later with no drugs my son was born 8lbs even.

So naturally when I fell pregnant with my fourth I thought… I got this….. I would love to say that the birth of my fourth child Makayla was some grand great experience but it wasn’t at all actually….. My pregnancy with her was the hardest I ever had.  I had EXTREME swelling, I kept trying to convince my midwife and OB something was wrong but I kept getting told everything I was experiencing was “normal”.  My feet were insanely swollen, I felt horrible and was just ready to get her out.  At 37 weeks I had gained 16lbs the week prior, my Blood pressure started going up and a bit of protein was found in my urine.  At this time the OB found it best to induce me.  One thing that always sadden me I have NEVER went into natural labor.  After the birth of my third I was so into birth, it was then that I realized my long-lost dream to eventually become a midwife (which I still aspire to be one day).  I knew all the statistics, and all the things that are falsely told to women.  I thought I had three children vaginally I never thought it would be any different with the fourth!

Makayla was born on June 16th, 2012…. I was induced early that morning, I had Derrick by my side along with my doula Stefani, and my photographer Ashley….  I was armed and ready for another awesome birth…. I wanted to show Derrick how I was this Warrior, this amazon woman who crouched down and would pull out her baby and the world would silence as we all gasped at her beauty….. BUT….. that was far from what happened!  After about 13 hrs of hard labor, getting to 9 cms my baby had not dropped an inch she was stuck at -1 station.  I was in a lot of pain, for she was stuck in a position that not only hurt the crap out of me but also prevented her from moving down.  Finally the OB called it, a c-section.  By the time it was called I was at the time in relief, I even remember crying because I think I felt like I was supposed to but deep down at the time I just wanted out of pain.  I kept telling my midwife something wasn’t right, and how much it hurt, how I couldn’t do it!  I failed! Or so I thought to myself.  They got my epidural at which I proclaimed my love to the anesthesiologist!  I really did!  He was a magic man to me at this time and if I wasn’t already engaged and a minister was present I would have married him….. The rest is a blur.

I really don’t remember the moment she was born, I remember seeing her at one point and asking Derrick was she out as if I wasn’t sure if me seeing her was correct?  I don’t remember much for the first probably 24-48 hrs honestly.  What I do remember is how much MORE swollen I become.  I remember my stomach got very hard and swollen, all my parts were actually swollen, so much to the point it was kind of hard to walk!  3 Days later I was sent home.  The day after arriving home I started getting shortness of breath.  My midwife advised me to go to the ER, after a chest x-ray we were told I had pneumonia, two more days later it wasn’t getting any better, I went to another ER, we were told again it was pneumonia and was given diuretics after I asked for them for my excess swelling, (I won’t go into details but lets just say things were so swollen that things hung that should hang!) day 4 about a half hour after telling my fiance I was going to die (at this point I had not slept in 3 days in fear I would suffocate and the slights movements put me in almost at hyperventilating mode) I took a shower… While in the shower I got extremely light-headed so I got out sat on the toilet and pop… right there my c-section busted open.  I looked like a crime scene in my bathroom!  Immediately Derrick came into the bathroom and once he saw the bloody mess called 911.

I was sent to Baylor of Dallas, were after several hours later I was just about to be sent home when a doctor asked “is there anything else you need?’ why yes, sir I would love to breathe!  He was a bit puzzled and said what do you mean, I told him I cannot breathe, and then adjusted myself in the bed knowing this would cause me to become extremely short of breath.  For the first time someone listened, he didn’t like how it sounded he asked about my previous ER experiences and couldn’t understand why anyone said I had pneumonia so he ordered a CT.  Less than an hour later, a team of doctors come in, I am hooked to oxygen, lasiks and being told they are debating on if they are going to put me into the ICU because I am going through Cardiac Failure due to so much fluid on my chest, lungs and stomach….. It’s strange to have something so tragic to you become something at the time that feels like a breath of fresh air!  I KNEW it, I knew something was wrong I KNEW my swelling wasn’t normal…..  3 days later they took off around 70lbs of fluid off of me!  I stayed in the hospital for a week!  We were told had we waited over night I would not of seen more for I would have drowned in my own fluid!  It was a hard week, I was still breastfeeding my One week old baby.  Derrick would bring her to me and I would nurse and while he was gone I would pump.  I still will never forget the 4am call from him frantically saying how she just won’t stop crying…  Bless the nurses there who allowed him in and my sweet baby, once on the breast she snuggled up and was at peace.  It was probably one of the most stressful times of my our lives!

Never did I think a birth and after birth could be so traumatic.  It took me quiet a while (I want to say a few months) before I would use the bathroom my c-section busted in, and still to this day it hurts.  But I do have a beautiful 9 month old daughter that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  She completes our family.  The kids adore and love her so much as we do!  Knowing now about my pulmonary embolism and the blood disorder I am not shocked at what happened with her birth, just surprised it wasn’t any worse than it really was.  It really answered so many questions I had.  While it wasn’t the best birth experience it’s a memorable one.  My baby Makayla was born a whole 10lbs and 8oz’s my whopper who had to make a grand entrance 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Birth Of My Babies”

  1. ı cant believe I have been reading your blog for so long and have never read this page! I do have a bit of a phobia of all things birth related though, so thats probably why… I cant believe everything you went through and all the mistakes doctors made! I love the picture slideshow though 🙂

  2. Yeah it wasn’t a fun experience. I LOVE birth all things about it, but that one had me questioning even my thoughts of some day becoming a midwife. I couldn’t really look at the pictures for a while. Now I am glad to have them and glad for the experience, if anything maybe I will be something that will help someone else?

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