So I created a new blog last night.  While “I am not just a fat girl” has a title that doesn’t scream it’s just about weight, the blog itself originated about this journey that I saw myself on and life has just given me challenges along the way that has effected those goals.

I didn’t feel into my blog any more.  I didn’t know what to write about.  I know it might seem silly that having a new name would change anything or having to start from scratch but I think the point of this journey is just that.  It’s a new journey in my life.

When I started this blog in particular I had this vision.  I am not closing it just because that vision didn’t work out yet, but more so of the past of the blog.  I feel a bit bogged down by what is and what is has become.  I feel like I need a fresh start.  A reset.

So that is where My Plus-Size Confessions was born.  It’s a sight really of my life being a plus sized girl.  I know that before I wanted the world to know there was more to me than just the fat and there is but at the same time, I have to love this fat one way or another because If I can’t love me fat I won’t love me skinny.  So I wanted a blog to reflect who I am really am and right now I am a plus size girl.  When that changes, my blog still goes with me because I still can share all the things that were of being one and if I out grow it too then I will move on and keep writing.  No one says it all has to go in just one place right?

So I hope you guys check out the new blog.  I am still working on it and will hopefully have it done by this weekend.  I also created a FB for it too.  I will still be talking about my weight loss struggles so that won’t probably ever leave.  But I want this blog to be more about me and my life.  My struggles as a plus size woman and my struggles to lose weight as a plus size woman.  So anyways, again it’s still in progress but I couldn’t wait to share.