Man, so, my family and I took a little mini staycation this past weekend to finish off their spring break week.  My husband and I both took off work on Friday and had a weekend with the kids full of swimming and bad foods.

I won’t lie, I swear I think I probably regained everything I lost.  Given right now it’s probably all fluid it’s quiet possible.  I haven’t been brave enough to weigh myself yet.  (Someones in denial) lol.

Ugh, it just sucks but good news is we don’t have anymore outings like that for a month.  I have to find a balance to things like this.  I know that having stuff once in a while isn’t horrible.  BUT I do need to get into the mindset that I can eat out and on plan and it doesn’t have to feel like torture.

The worst part about it was the fact that I really didn’t end up enjoying most of it.  I do think I am slowly losing my want for certain foods which is a nice change.  But we shall see.

PMS is here full swing which also sucks.  It means not only do I gain fluid BUT I gain lovely mood swings like a mofo!  Having PMDD I swear is like PMS on crack!  It’s not fun for anyone in my house (Or at work) lol.

I am trying to work through it but man it’s hard sometimes.  All I want to do is sleep and eat.  Sigh…. So anyways…. Here is to a new weeks after vacation lol.