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I know this week I have been quiet.  It was a rough week last week and this week.  This weekend we are going away with the kids to a hotel to spend some time with my sister.  I’m really excited.

I didn’t have the best eating this past weekend and my scale shows (boo) and it’s PMS time (yay! NOT!) so gains are normal but I am hoping for at least a maintain by tomorrow.  Not quiet sure if it will happen but we shall see.

Either way I will just have to do my best.  This weekend will be most likely a lot of easy foods given we will be in a hotel all weekend (that doesn’t have a kitchen! I should have planned this better!).

But hey it’s vacation and well, not something we do often at all!  And well, I have nothing like this for a few months from now so that’s good.  I haven’t been to the gym in a while but will be going back.

I wasn’t feeling great last week, then the little one got really sick, this week is just one of those F it all weeks and then this weekend we will be gone.  I know excuses, excuses…

But believe me my body is ready go to back on Monday!  It sucks I have to keep restarting my C25K program but all in all it’s fine.  I mean, this is MY journey so with that said it means that If I have to start over time and time again I will.

No one said I had to do things by a certain time but sooner vs later is always better!

So with that said it’s Spring Break here!  Do you have any new plans for the up coming Spring?