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Yes, I know it’s not Friday it’s Saturday but I had a sick three old who needed all my attention on Friday so I spent that time with her instead of posting my weigh in Friday.  So last week my weigh in was 309!  My current Weight in *Saturday* is 306! Woot Woot.

I have to admit I am super excited.  While I am not at my lowest that I have been on this journey in general this is the first time in this journey I am consistently losing through out the month.  I have lost a total of 18lbs in the past 3 weeks 🙂

I haven’t found this journey to be hard at all.  I still do eat some foods here and there but overall I am not overly hungry, I feel satisfied and the weight is coming off so I have to say that keeping the carbs down is defiantly working.

I also had a very light AF I think due to them taking me off of Warfrin this I believe also made a huge change too.  I noticed everytime I didn’t have AF or it was very light I was able to lose the whole month. I do fear slightly AF will come back hard core and all will be lost but for now I can’t think like that.  So there ya go 🙂 3 more lbs down this week!