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I don’t know why but I seem to have a hard time just saying “because I want to”.  It’s not a hard thing to say in general.  But when eating out, company lunches, being with friends etc.  It just seems easier say because my doctor wants me to or I told my doctor.  

The truth is I didn’t.  I mean yes, I told her I would give it a go.  But in no shape or form was she like you are going to do this right?  It really has been MY decision.  However, I found that when tell others it’s your decision they find reasons to go against it.  Including YOURSELF!

You get it’s just this once, I don’t do this often, a little won’t hurt, etc.  While I do believe these to be true I found when I say I promised my doctor I would do this, or my doctor says people don’t push it.  It’s as if oh, well, a medical professional said not to now I will respect your wishes.

It’s annoying but an observation none the less I have come to realize.  I even do this with myself.  If I make it about my doctor some how in my mind I stay more committed.  I think sometimes this is psychological in the way of thinking that “I don’t matter”.  

At least that my theory.  So what do you do about this?  Well, for annoying people I would say the doctor excuse just works but for the rest of the folks put your foot down and make this about you.  This is YOUR life, not theirs.  You are doing something that is good for YOU.  

Just because they want to do something doesn’t mean you have to join and it doesn’t mean you can’t still be apart of the activity just because you are doing it a little bit differently.  We need to really get over ourselves.  We need to also stop thinking what we *think* is best for others.

Sure we will always have opinions.  But it’s not fair to assume you know all and your way is the ONLY way.  This is a HUGE note to myself.  I am extremely guilty of this.  But hey apart of growing is learning.  I think this is why old people tend to be so wise.  You live, you learn.

My doctor doesn’t make me do this.  *I* make me do this because *I* want this for myself!