IMG_20150301_181241Well, first before I got into my weekend get a way, I thought I would first post what my weigh in Friday was!  So last Friday when I weighed in I was 312lbs this Friday… Drum roll please….

I was 309!  That’s a new low for this year!

I have to say that I am slightly afraid that my weekend might have caused a gain but I have already told myself I will not weigh in, I will not go nuts, I will just stay on plan the rest of the weekend and keep moving on!

So Friday was a bit of a crazy day.  Here in Dallas we ended up with several inches of snow.  I wish I took pics but I honestly forgot.  I was a bit nervous because D and I had plans for a bit of a staycation.  We were going to go to a local hotel for the weekend.  We like to do this once every few months so that we can reconnect with each other.

We both got off of work early due to the weather.  So, I picked up D from work and off to the hotel we went.  We spent our weekend with great food, conversation, some Jacuzzi time, and couple of activities in between.  All in all it was a nice getaway!  Hopefully, I didn’t regain all I lost but did find I didn’t have a huge appetite which hopefully helped! All in all I give my weekend two thumbs up.

IMG_20150301_181343 IMG_20150227_223547


So what things do you do while on vacation to keep yourself accountable or do you go with the flow and say “I will worry about this when I get home?”.