So, I haven’t been around since Friday but I do have a good excuse, well, kind of… I guess I could of blogged at home.  On Monday we were hit by an ice storm.  Which hey, this is Dallas which means EVERYTHING pretty much was shut down.  This then carried into Tuesday.  So for two days I had to work from home.

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One would think this would give one more time but it doesn’t.  I normally do all my blogging at working in the morning hours waiting for 8 to come so I can clock in.  It helps to pass time.  But when I am home, I won’t lie, I SLEEP! lol What? I need my beauty rest.

Today we were suppose to wake up to snow but nope, woke up to lots of rain.  They claim we will still get snow but right now I feel skeptical.  I mean this is Dallas! lol but Either way I would like to see some white stuff that’s NOT ice!

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t been around.

So on the weight loss side, I was annoyed this week because the scale wasn’t moving and it’s slowly moving up which made NO sense because I was calculating everything.  I know AF is coming so for now I am going to blame that and call it a day.  Hopefully, Friday either will be a loss.

I am excited for this weekend though!  D and I are going away for a kind of stay vacation.  We are getting a hotel room for two days and spending the weekend with NO kids!  Whoo-hoo…. I find this to be BLISS.  I love my kids but also love some one on one time with my hubby!

So all in all I really can’t complain.  Things have been pretty decent!  How are things for you?  Any fun weather where you are?