20150220_075125Well, weigh in’s have officially started.  I do typically weighin almost daily because of my fluid issues.  But I feel like apart of being accountable in this process is actually saying what the numbers are!

I hate saying the numbers.

One of the things I have learned in this journey is how much we as a society are quick to judge and assume.  I am a great example of that.  People will look at me and think 1. I eat a ton of food 2. I am lazy 3. I never work out 4. I never eat healthy 5. I don’t care about myself.  The list goes on.

People don’t like to accept they could be wrong.  That some things just are not black and white.  But anyways, the other part of this journey is accepting that part of life too and learning to move on despite it.  While, I might be able to change a few minds here and there I know at the end of the day it won’t change the world.

Because of that I have only myself that I need to focus on in this journey not the rest of the people who have no idea what this journey really is like for us.

SO! On to the weigh in.  On the 16th I had weighed in and I was 324 this morning when I weighed in the scale said…… 312! 🙂

Now, don’t fear I am not doing anything unhealthy, the loss is larger because I battle with fluid.  It’s not fat loss.  While it is the lowest I have been this year after looking through my weigh ins I have been close every month around the same time of the month (which felt a bit of a let down).

So with that said, I will continue on.  Be happy about the loss and if it goes back up despite my efforts it’s just more to show the doctor.  It’s why we are doing all of this.  It’s why I am logging all my food, why I am weighing in frequently.  So we can pin point why my body is doing what it is doing and how to fix it.

So I will accept my loss and hope it keeps going down.  So here is to another Weigh in Friday!  Hopefully I will have more smilie faces next week! 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I know mine is already looking up!