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I will tell you right now I am HORRIBLE at tracking my food.  It’s pretty much up there with having to take my daily pills.  I just despise doing it.  However, as we get older we find we just have to do things we don’t always like.  So for me right now tracking my food is just one of those things.

So last night we wanted to treat the kids and took them to red lobster.  I will admit this was a HUGE challenge for me.  I knew my carb count would be up but had a goal in mind I had to keep my count still below 50.  With apps, our meal AND dessert I am proud to say I actually DID succeed!  I was shocked actually!

Not only was I shocked that I went to a place I love to eat and I usually LOVE to eat all the foods that pretty high in carbs but I actually logged everything I ate in my fitnesspal.  I also log it into my personal journal.  But that’s huge for me.  I don’t think I have EVER went into a restaurant other than fast food and actually logged my meal.

Normally, I am like nope not gonna this is a cheat meal lol but last night it wasn’t.  And wasn’t meant to be a “cheat” meal. While my carb count was over for the day where I aim daily for, it still wasn’t high.  My carb count for the whole day was just at 100.  Which is the max I give myself.  So I still call that success.

And it does show because the water weight once again is releasing.  I think to keep this water off I am going to have to just keep sticking to this day in and day out.  It’s the only way I will for sure know.  But for now I will be happy about my tiny victory 🙂

What things have you done in your journey that surprised you?