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This journey is only as hard as I make it.  

I am working hard today to keep this in my mind.  I believe most things in life and how we respond to them are mentally challenged.  I believe greatly in life is more about what you do with it than what happens to you.  My journey then would be no different.

One of the biggest obstacles in this journey has been overcoming what happened to me. Moving past what has been done and going from there.  Moving past the doctors who were wrong, the answers we haven’t found, and the results that were not gained.  I cannot control the past nor the actions of others.

I refuse to keep torturing myself.  Telling myself how “hard” this is.  I know many who strive on – “I worked hard and that made it worth it for me…” And don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with working hard.  I do believe great things happen through hardship.

BUT and there is a but,  I am a huge believer that it doesn’t *have* to be hard!

You have to ask yourself, “what is REALLY hard about this?”  Is eating healthy in general hard? Is doing some sort of exercise hard? Is writing down what you eat hard?

Let’s start with the first one.  Is eating healthy hard?  In a short answer for most people no.  It’s really not difficult.  You have to pin point a few things 1.  What do you consider healthy? 2. What is your budget like? 3. What is your surroundings like?

Before you even begin ask yourself what exactly is hard.  For example for me, eating healthy is hard when you are surrounded by foods that are high in carbohydrates.  What is hard about this is mentally I know I WANT the food that is high in carbohydrates.  What is hard is telling myself that I don’t NEED that food that is high in carbohydrates.

So then you are left with say in my case, that it’s not eating healthy that is hard it’s more being in situations where there is temptation is hard.  Thus making it that avoiding temptations is mentally challenging.

So let’s try number 2.  Is doing some sort of exercise hard.  Now this one is tricky.  It’s tricky because for some people the most simplest exercise may in fact be hard to do.  BUT I would say for the average person that if you can move your arms, legs, body in some shape of form then all in all you CAN do some sort of exercise.

I think we under-estimate exercise.  Exercise can be just going for a walk.  No one says how long you have to do it, how hard you must do it, or how much you must sweat doing it.  There are suggestions, but in this journey there is ALWAYS a starting point and that starting point is typically an easy one.  Just getting yourself up and moving.

However, you will find it’s not the exercise that’s hard.  What’s hard is getting yourself motivated to move, what’s hard is your body getting use to moving more often or finding time to fit activity in your life.  BUT moving?  No, moving in general for most people isn’t hard.

Lastly, is writing down what you eat hard?  Unless you don’t know how to write this by far is one of the easiest things to do.  It’s not that it’s hard.  I know for me it’s that it’s annoying.  But hard? No… It’s not hard.

I set myself up for hard.  By putting my mind in thinking this hard I setting road blocks.  I giving myself a negative indication that I will struggle.  Now, don’t take this the wrong way.  It doesn’t mean there still isn’t a struggle.  However, it’s about your mind.  Something being a challenge doesn’t mean it has to be so hard that you just can’t do it.

You want to know what makes a victory so gratifying that you felt was hard?  Because *I believe* apart of you doubted you.  Apart of you deep down feared you might not make it so when you did it felt awesome because honestly, apart of you was shocked.

I mean how many times do you do something you KNOW you can do and you are like Yeah, I did that?  Normally, you are like yeah, okay I did this, and what? I don’t know some random thoughts here but there is a point I am trying to make here.

That point is simple.  Find out the source of your problem, the roots of what your struggles are.  If you find those out, then I do believe your journey will not be so hard.  And don’t think that because the journey isn’t so incredibly hard that it’s now not worthy of praise.

We have some weird fixation that only things that were difficult to do are worthy.  We hold people on higher pedestals when we see some doing something we perceive as difficult.  WE do so because of doubt.  We are amazed when people do things we *think* we couldn’t do.  But that the thing, we all can we just don’t believe we can.

It’s kind of like me being a mom of four.  Many ask “how do you do it”?  “your hands are full I bet”.  The fact is, while some days are hard all in all I can do it because I have come accustom to it.  It’s a way of life for me.  To me it’s almost like asking, wow you can breathe, is it hard?  No, not really as long as you have lungs.  I had to decide as a mom I can make this as difficult as I wanted it to be. And when challenges do arise I decide how “hard” I perceive them to be!  And honestly, having one to have four no matter the number being a mom always has times of hard.  I am not to be praised any more or less of a mother with just 1.  WE both work hard to give our child(ren) the best!  So both of us should be proud of that!

So don’t think that because your journey isn’t the most difficult journey out there that it’s not important.  Doing things day in and day out that is good for you and your body should ALWAYS be admired and praised.  It’s not about how hard the work is.  It’s about you loving you and respecting YOUR body!  The hardest thing I think in life is loving yourself.  IF you can over come that….. Anything really is possible!

I know I say that and I am here constantly struggling, but I do believe it and I like many of you, I am a work in progress.  I have not gotten a 100% to that point (of loving myself) but I am working on it.  I do believe that great things will come as I look more toward knowing I can do things vs focusing on the hardship of doing them!

This journey isn’t built on how hard it was to get here but that I believed in myself and I didn’t give up.