Of course ONE week into doing C25K I have to get sick.  It started on Saturday and it’s still going today.  I haven’t done much logging or writing in general the past several days.  Food itself hasn’t been much of a focus although it’s been mainly crackers and soup.  I have focused more on trying to breathe!  lol

So I don’t really have much to report today.  I decided the past few days to just focus on getting rid of this cold, allergies whatever it is?  Instead of worrying about weight loss.  So never fear I didn’t fall off the wagon or anything I am just sick.  Booo…..

Currently, my nose hasn’t decided if it wants to stay clear.  It keeps going back and forth.  Just when I think I can breathe, my nose tricks me and says, nah, that was just a joke…. Sigh…. I really would love to just be home and sleep.  Heck, the past two days I didn’t even get to do that.  While, I was home I still worked from home which let me tell you still sucks.

So hopefully I will shake this thing full by next week.  I think next week I will just start my C25K over again and go from there.  Maybe, I got sick from the gym? hrm….. You sickies going to gym and giving me your cooties! bah-humbug! Shakes fist in air!