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All sweaty after my workout

All sweaty after my workout

The beginning of the year is always so hectic at the gym.  Everyone is pumped up to get their work out on because they have made a new years resolution to do so.  Hey, even I came back in January.  However, in my case it had nothing to do with what time of year it was.

Anyways, with all the new faces brings new frustrations.  Like a lot of the machines being taken for one!  Or the area where you can do floor exercises is extremely crowded.  Or my “favorite” the guys and chicks that come in with full on body cologne or perfume.  Gag.  Guys, the gym is NOT  a dating site.  You are there to get yucky, sticky, and stinky.  Embrace it!

So with that said, apart of me, the selfish side of me just can’t wait until say March when a lot of the newbs will be gone and I will get my gym back!  I know it’s wrong, I should be so happy for those folks and I really am.  (Well, kinda sorta).  It’s just I miss my peace and quiet, the sweaty smells, having a weight machine when I desire instead of seeing someone sitting there on their phone! (That’s rude btw!).

Any-hoo…. So on what was it?  Ah, yes, on Monday  I started the C25K again.  I have this lovely app on my phone that tells me when to walk and run.  So I figured I could try this out on the treadmill.  Day one went good.  I think actually better than the first time I tried?  Not sure, I would have to re-read.  Yesterday was day two and that my friend was a bit harder!

Let me tell you that my calves – I think began to hate me.  oh, the burn….  I won’t lie after the second rep of running I was ready to say screw this.  My legs hurt, my calves were so tight feeling.  I was like nope, can’t do this today…. And then, I just kept going.  Before I knew it, I was done!  In fact, apart of me wanted MORE! Go figure.

After my run I went on the bike did another 15 minutes on intervals.  After that called it a day.  I think it went pretty well personally.  I am not really looking forward to my run tomorrow.  But we shall see…  I am getting nervous about the week where I run 20 minutes straight.  Yikes! All in all though I think it went pretty well and once I get my gym back I am sure it will be fabulous!

With that said tell me, what is your biggest gym pet peeve?