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I had to really learn very recently that I have to make choices everyday.  Well, I didn’t learn that part.  But, the part I learned was in weight loss *I* have to decide what is more important.

In the past anything that was “too  hard” was not something I was really wanting to attempt.  If it was too restrictive I was going to do it.  While, I still do believe that very restrictive diets can back fire, I also believe that it’s all about perception.

Was the diet it’s self restrictive or was I making my choices restrictive?

I thought of it like my children.  If I felt something wasn’t good for my children they wouldn’t get it.  So why do I allow myself to be an exception of that?  I had to learn I am a grown adult and sometimes being a grown adult you do things you don’t really want to do!

When you look at everything as you are giving up everything than that’s what it will seem like.  However, when I see it as a new opening for new ideas it feels more optimistic.  It’s all in perception.

So, this past week has went really well.  I started writing in my journal and being aware of what I eat.  I don’t tract calories or carbs.  I just write down what I eat and I am aware of what I eat.  I do try to limit any carbs that are not in vegetable form. BUT I haven’t deprived myself either.

So far so good.  I am down currently 7lbs since the 15th.  I had forgotten to weigh in that Monday so I am down I would say a good 10lbs since last Monday.  It’s progress.  I’m not shouting out on any roofs yet.  (It will take me to get under 280 for that) but I can say it’s progress.

This weekend was too.  D and I ate out a few times and each time I was very cautious of what I ate.  I still enjoyed my food greatly and I think that’s the point.  I don’t feel like I am punishing myself and is long as I give myself the perception that I am not then I am fine!

We also went to get the little ones ear pierced.  Each week we spend some one on one time with the kids.  So Sunday we haven’t done much with the three-year old and she has been begging to get her ears pierced.  So I finally caved and off we went 🙂

We first stopped by Applebee’s and had some Lunch.  (Which was yummy btw).

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Then we went to get her ears pierced.  She did cry for a Min but she is super happy about them!  She picked little lady bug earrings.

20150125_152450 20150125_153255After we were done with that we got some ice cream for being such a big girl!



We really did enjoy our day!  We also went by the store to get a replacement scale since ours broke that morning.  Yay new stuff.  It seems to be working fine.  I can even weigh myself in the dark now lol.  So all in all it was a great weekend.  Let’s see what this week holds? 🙂