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I have been doing lots of changes here lately, while yesterday was a slight set back in my eating due to my lunch meeting and the surprise pizza my roommate ordered for everyone.  I have been taking strides to really make some big improvements.

I started to journal everything I eat, I write down how I am feeling or any special notes I want to give myself.  I didn’t think I would like this but I actually do!


I also made some lunch meals in advance!


Which made for yummy lunches!


I will be working this weekend on pre-making some dinners to avoid things like the surprise pizza since my roommate forgot to put something out and well, I guess she felt like some pizza.  Fine deal but can’t happen often.  So with that said.  I have also been going to gym.  Right now I am aiming for 3 to 4 times  a week.

Logically I would like to go daily but my daily life sometimes gets in the way of that…. AKA children.  So, it’s cool though, as long as I am getting active again I think that’s what really does matter the most!  So I can say it’s been a positive week so far!  So tell me how’s yours been?