I won’t lie, this morning I want to go back to bed!  I am TIRED! ugh…. Oddly enough for me it totally feels like a Monday.  Maybe, that’s not a horrible thing because then the week might end up feeling faster?  Who knows?  All I know is, I*want*sleep!

But aside from my sleepiness things are going okay.  This past weekend I decided to take some of my bonus money and take just the big kids and I out to a hotel for a night and swim.  I have to say we had a wonderful time!  The Jacuzzi was amazing, the food was great, the beds were soft!  We just vegged out, swam, and had a good time.  The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, swam, checked out, went to the movies and then finally made it back home!

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With 4 kids outings can get pretty expensive.  A while back I came up with the hotel idea.  Honestly, it was like the best idea ever.  My kids seriously love it and we spend about what we do going to a restaurant for all of us.  We usually just get some easy food to make in the room and of course have breakfast at the hotel.  We get to check out different pools and different hotels.  I highly suggest it.  It’s the simple things that make kids happy I swear lol.

My eating obviously sucked this weekend.  I have NOT stepped on a scale out of fear lol.  I decided that today I will just focus on eating well today and of course the rest of the week and then weigh in on Monday lol.  No need to get myself all depressed over water weight.  I know logically I cannot gain 10lbs of fat over a weekend so it’s water so why torture myself?

I have been thinking about the commitment this whole process really does take.  It’s amazing that it takes an insane amount of commitment.  It’s also amazing that it’s just different for each person.  Some can do simple little changes with big results others like me have to go all out to get the smallest of results.  But I guess that’s why we call it a journey I suppose….

Anyways, so here is two a great weekend I had with my kids and to hopefully this week will fly by so I can sleep in on Saturday! lol Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday.  I think now I might go get some coffee…. Yawn!