So yesterday I got the pictures back from our family photo shoot.  Which I LOVE btw!  However, nothing like a photo to make you say, oh, no! Na-uh!  And that’s what happened.  The thing is I just don’t recognize myself anymore.

I have been dreaming about the gym now for two days which I think this is my mind telling me it’s time.  So today I marked myself to LET’S GET SERIOUS!  I mean seriously, this HAS to end and I ONLY I have the key to this.  So….

I contacted the girl who did our photo’s and told her I wanted to do a project.  I wanted to take photo’s along this journey.  We will be doing my starting photo very soon.  But for me this is not normal “before” shot photo shoot.

I don’t want to look back at my photo’s and be like “oh, look gross my before pics”.  No, I want all to show the beauty in myself at any size.  So instead of pictures that are completely unflattering I wanted photos of myself in an outfit I LOVE!

I wanted to have photos for each milestone something that made ME feel beautiful!  My photographer is totally game and excited to see how this all turns out as I am.  Maybe, this will also be a little push to keep me honest with this whole thing.

I mean I have taken before pics before but not like this and totally not for everyone to see but that stops today!  So with out further adieu here are just some of my favorites from our family shoot!  Enjoy! And keep a look out on my BEFORE pics 🙂