So yesterday I went to see my Gyno and to go over my lack of weight loss and what not… So I brought up to her my PMDD and maybe taking something for it to see if it will help and she agreed that it would be a good start.  So she gave me a script and upped my thyroid meds and I go back on the 31st to see if there is any changes.

I am really hoping there will be.  This whole process sometimes is very challenging and quite draining at times.  But hey, I am in this for the long haul so miles well get comfortable for the ride right?

All in all I am happy with my team of doctors I am collecting.  I feel like this all should hopefully lead me to the right path.  I am excited to have people in my corner who see me as a human and not me as an overweight person.  After being through the county hospital and clinics I forgot what that’s like.

This past year hasn’t went at all  like I planned but I remain optimistic through it all…. Who knows… Maybe next year, 2015 will be my year?  We shall see…