I am caught red-handed…. Yes, I haven’t been around much.  I do realize I have much more success when I blog and yet I haven’t been.  I have to admit finding a nice balance between working full-time, kids and life in general is a bit difficult.

When I get home at like around 6:30 pm it’s like everything moves so fast and the next thing I know it’s already bed time.  Trying to squeeze in gym time, dinner time and family time all in just 3 1/2 hours isn’t an easy task.  And then you add blogging to the mix.  Which I usually try to do in the mornings before I clock into work.

Either way I have been with this new job for three months now and it’s time to find some kind of good schedule to get everything rolling.  I really hoped this year was going to be my year.  Here we are at December 1st and I think I weight more now than I did when I started this whole thing.  Go figure!

So it’s all a process to say the least.  I just have to figure out what is the right way to do this and succeed.  One of the things that keeps ringing in my ear that this is about determination NOT motivation.  I have to find just how determined I am to find the answers.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I going to explore the idea of getting on some kind of meds to help with the PMDD.  If anything maybe it will help with the off and on depression I get during the PMS time.  It gets pretty severe at times and nothing that just an attitude adjustment really can fix.  I know my poor hormones are just all over the place.  I really do believe that once I can get those in check I can make things happen…. so we shall see… I will update about the appointment on Thursday!  Until then hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!