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Well, it sure feels like the impossible.  Apart of this whole journey is learning what issues you have.  Sometimes it really might be you just like food.  I don’t believe that every person who is over weight either has a medical condition OR something emotionally wrong with them.

While, I may not be the most emotional stable person out there I know apart of my issues stem from liking the taste of food.  I just like it.  And if I like it I want LOTS of it.  I don’t have to be sad or happy to like food.  If it smells good I want it.

There are times yes, I do emotionally eat.  But majority of my eating isn’t emotional.  Or at least it doesn’t feel like it.  In fact in this journey I am just learning that foods themselves are a trigger.  Eating one thing sometimes spirals me into wanting other things.

Eating out for instance (doesn’t have to be fast food), triggers my brain to want to eat out more.  I love take out food.  It’s food that I generally cannot make taste that good.  nor do I have the patience to try.  It’s convenient and hits the spot.  Doesn’t even have to be “bad” food.  Just food that is yummy.

BUT I have noticed that this trend leads me to eat out more.  My dislike for cooking probably also plays a huge role.  I get really bored with cooking in general.  No matter how much I try to zaz it up I still always hate it and never care much for what I make.

I am just NOT a cook.  And don’t get me started on slow cooker recipes it always makes my meats texture weird.  Except BBQ making pulled pork in the crock pot rocks!  But that’s about it for me lol.  If it takes longer than 30 minutes to cook I am not interested.  Nor these day have the time to wait for.

I know there are plenty of ideas/suggestions (cooking all in one day and freezing, making simpler meals, trying new meals, etc). I have heard them all but none yet have clicked for me.  So I take it all day by day.  That’s how it has been this week.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am up 2lbs which is fine it’s PMS time and shockingly that’s still a low gain for me.  But I  have also not been the best eater either.  So it’s all a progress.

We will see… For now, it’s all still a learning experience.  Figuring out what I need to do to over come what feels like an impossible feat!