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I am not sure what is making this month any different from any others but we shall see…. Last week I didn’t do as well with my carb counting.  BUT I was very aware of what I was eating.  Each day I didn’t over indulge which I think made a factor.

AND I am ovulating this week which usually means high gains.   However, to my shock this morning I am only up one lb.  Which I maintained all week until Sunday.  So I am ironically, happy about that!

I expect to gain last week and this week so seeing the gain being just a lb is awesome!  I also don’t have the same amount of cravings as normal either.  Like yesterday, I went to store to get a couple of things.  Everytime I go to the store I usually buy two things when I check out.  A drink and candy bar.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t get it until after I checked out.  For a split second I thought about it getting it and then thought, if I can forget about it obviously I don’t need it that much.  So I didn’t and I was just fine!

I call that a small victory.  I am interested to see what the month brings.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  I have yet to still work out but I am slowly working my mind to that one.  For some reason that’s taking me a little longer to jump on board.  I am seriously considering ending my gym membership and just trying something new.

Maybe, for me that particular membership served it’s purpose at that time.  Maybe it’s time to try something new?  I don’t know…. Anyways….

My friend also posted on FB how yesterday was one year from my first 5k.  I have to admit apart of me thought I would do that race and I would be hooked on running.  For me it was a love hate relationship.  While parts of it was very fun the end of it was NOT.

Having a rash, blisters, and feeling like crap was NOT my idea of fun.  I know if I did it more that probably wouldn’t be the case but it did show me two things.  1. you still need to train even for a 5 k and 2.  There is a huge difference between walking and running on your own and doing it with a huge group of people.

With a group I found myself trying to push more (hence the pain most likely) this isn’t a horrible thing.   BUT well, it didn’t help me jump on the bandwagon either.  Still oddly enough I still aspire to be one of “those people” who just get this high from running.  I don’t know why either?

I wonder if it’s the grass is greener on the other side thing.  If I should accept it’s not me…. Eh, I’m stubborn if that’s the case it will still be some time before I “get it” lol.

On a personal note, my daughter is doing well.  I know many have asked.  She was a little shaken up on Friday but is just fine and even went to her school dance afterwords.  I on the other hand was pretty freaked out all day and over the weekend.  I think today I am finally feeling “normal”.

We are all on total alert right now.  But we have measures to help keep the kids safe so hopefully I will never have to experience anything like that again.  I appreciate the kid words and those that were concerned.  It’s defiantly one of those things you never thought you would have to experience and I can’t imagine those parents who have and their kids got into the van.  It breaks my heart to just think about it.  My prayers and thoughts with all of them.

Anywho…. It’s Monday…. Got any great weekend plans?  Ready for Thanksgiving?  Have you already started Christmas shopping?  Has your area received any snow yet (it doesn’t really snow here).  How’s it going with you, my readers?