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10525872_303530109837503_6831710854509901314_nToday was the day I was to met my new Hematologist.  I have to say I wasn’t too sure about this appointment.  I always get a little nervous about new doctors.  But I was pleasantly surprised with this one….

To start my day this morning I discovered I have lost 5lbs this past week.  No cheers yet… While, I know that 5lbs is GREAT! AND it IS!  I also know PMS is about to hit and I bloat BAD so we won’t know for sure what the scale is going to do until next week.  Either way I have an appointment with my doc next month so if the weight doesn’t drop we will start taking the next steps.

What I can say is that this week has gone well diet wise and how I feel.  Which brings me back to my appointment!  So, I met the new guy.  Nice guy.  I can tell right off that he is interested in learning about me as a patient NOT seeing me as a plus size person.

I know many don’t understand this but far too often I feel very quickly judged by my size before a doctor even looks at me.  In fact, when I explained to him that the first time I went to the ER for my suspected clot (which at the time we didn’t know it was a clot) the doctor basically blamed my weight (told me I needed to exercise more which at that time I was exercising A LOT!).

He rolled his eyes (at the docs comment) and said not to worry.  He wanted to run a few tests and wanted to make sure I do in fact have factor V.  While, he see’s I did have the clots He was surprised to find that none of my four children also have factor V.  Which he said is really rare.  usually by odds one of them would have had it.

So that’s step one.  Then we discussed the likelihood of me getting off the blood thinners.  I have to say I do have mixed feelings about this.  While, I understand the risks of the blood thinners I am also very aware of the risks with out them.  Clots kill you.  Silently at that.  Sometimes and most of the time quiet suddenly.  It’s something that I assure the decision to go off wouldn’t be taken lightly.

All in all it was a great appointment.  I felt like he really knew what he was doing, and cared.  Which is nice because the past two in a half years I didn’t have the most caring doctors.  We did find my INR was a slightly low 1.6 and did adjust my meds.  But all in all it wasn’t bad and I have had WAY worse numbers.  He wasn’t too overly concerned either :).

So I go back in two weeks.  So 5lb loss, new doc, 3 vials of blood.  I would say it was  a productive day!