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One of the hardest things for me to learn is patience.  I am only a patient person to an extent and then it’s all out the window once that line has been drawn.  I have found that I have different levels of patience.  Like for my kids, my patience is semi high.  For grown adults?  Not so much!

For weight loss…. Not at all!  It’s a bit of a struggle to go through this process because the end scheme of things you want results and sadly we want them now.  Just a few days in and I have already found myself seeking some sort of result.  JUST DAYS IN.  It’s like seriously mind give yourself a break.

I logically know that I won’t really see any results just yet.  And honestly, I shouldn’t expect to.  I am just so ready to really be smaller.  I feel trapped.  And  I know I have said that over and over again but it’s true.  It’s how I feel!  I have a lot of pinned up fear in this process.

It’s hard for me to go a 100% because I am afraid to get 0% in return like before.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.  With my swelling going up and down at times I never know what is really a true pound loss of fat.  I mean I know many people say a lb is a lb but it really isn’t.  A pound of water isn’t the same as a pound of fat.

As someone who retains water often and easily losing a pound of water is no victory because it at this time is for sure to come back.  Trying to break through this hurdle has been a very hard one.  But I am going to try.  I have a doctor who actually IS behind me in this.  Willing to work with me and find what’s wrong.  All I have to do is try.

I just hope it’s not another failed attempt.  I know that usually with failure we find victory just these days it’s not seeming all so possible.  But to do this I still have to believe it is.  Sigh…. Like everything, I will take it a day at a time and see where I end up.  Hopefully on the otherside of smaller jeans!