I was pretty surprised yesterday at my doctor’s appointment.  I really dreaded it honestly.  Why? Well, because, the past few months I had not been on my insurance and so because of that I couldn’t take my meds like I wanted to and because of that I was starting to gain.

I knew it was because of the meds because there wasn’t a change in my diet.  So I was totally expecting a lecture.  But guess what?  There wasn’t one.  Not at all.  In fact the closest to a lecture I got was a: “you call, email, do whatever you need to get me if this ever happens again.  I don’t care if it’s I lost my insurance and I can’t go to a doctor for three months I will still prescribe your meds”.

I was like omg that’s awesome.   Now, I did actually call a while back but was told she would only do one month and wanted to see me (which I did) but couldn’t see her.  She told me next time to just give her the FYI and she will take care of it.  She didn’t know the full details.

Anyways, so she said let’s get that thyroid up and going first.  She does believe it’s not at a level it should be and she wants to first see if that’s the culprit.  She said to not go above 120 grams of carbs a day and get this I don’t have to calorie count.  Yay!  I was so upset last time because she wanted both.  And even this week proved to me even with best intentions calorie counting just sucks for me.

Carb counting on the other hands is MUCH easier to follow.  So, she compromised and said that as long as I am tracking my food that would be fine.  If I am not losing when I have time figure up the calories for a few of those days and make sure calories isn’t playing a role.  BUT the point was to just be mindful of what I was eating and how much.

She said she doesn’t really think my issues are calories.  She said I will come every month and like before after 3 months if everything we do still isn’t working we will have to explore further to see what’s going on.  But for now I am happy with this.  I feel at peace and it’s something that I KNOW I can do!  The best part was she didn’t look at me like I was lying.

She looked at me like I had a problem and she was going to find a way to fix it with me.  She looked at me as a person not a fat person. She looked at me as someone who really had a problem/concern and not as someone who just ate too much.  That was just priceless 🙂 So we shall see, she said it will take time.  We have to get all meds in order so but she at least seemed hopeful which was nice :).