So earlier this month I did my semi annual FB purge.  I do this about twice a year because honestly, I really don’t like having a ton of people on my FB.  Especially, people I don’t really know.

I am one of those personal type people.  Everyone in my life is someone I have a close relationship with or they are a friend of D’s.  That’s really about it.  However, each year there are some I have kept because I didn’t want to hurt any feelings.

It’s not that I dislike these people.  Oddly enough it’s quiet the opposite.  BUT the thing is after being in a few life or death situations and re-evaluating who all is ACTUALLY IN my life, I had realized that while I like many of these people they are just people I vicariously lived through.

Sometimes, it would be I wished I could be more like them.  Others, maybe I wish we were more of friends and maybe some day we will.  But each year goes by and many of these people I haven’t seen face to face and it’s not because they live far away.

I realized that sometimes with FB I will long for things that I didn’t really long for much before.  I will start looking at myself and think I need to change things.  And for what? To be liked?  I know these people are NOT to blame by all means.  But the problem is more so WHY I had kept them.

Some, I had known for years and others I have known less.  I went through each person and thought to myself 1. Is this family 2. Do I talk to this person regularly 3. If I don’t talk to this personal regularly have I physically seen them in the past 6 months 4. If I haven’t seen them in the past 6 months do we have some kind of bond?

Each person had to have a reason, a reason of more than “I like you”.  I know to some that may sound silly.  But as my children grow into teenagers I felt it was important to really KNOW who was in my corner.  I want my family to wrapped around people who do truly care and invest in us as well we invest in them.

A true mutual relationship.  Many of my FB relationships were very much one-sided.  A bunch of “we should get together some time” but those sometimes never happen.  Or some were people who did do something nice but at the end of the day that person and myself, we never talk.

I needed more than to be a stalker and watch you.  I wanted actual PHYSICAL relationships with the exception of the few that I can’t have one with and well family.  Like you or not I won’t delete family without darn good reason to do so.

So I posted a bit of an explanation and hoped for the best.  I told people who I wanted close relationships in my life.  It was more than that but I am sure you get the drift.  Luckily, I have had only one person cause a little bit of a ruckus who also justified why I did what I did…. I mean, if you were truly a friend or someone who did in fact want to be in our lives then why not just talk to me and say so vs writing things on other social media about how I had no reason.

I did agree or not.  But, hey at the end of the day I want at my funeral people who loved and knew me! Not a bunch of oh, I use to see her posts on Facebook….