It’s just one of those mornings… One of those days where you know it’s probably not going to get better from here and yet at the same time it’s still not the worse day ever! Yet….

So this morning was going fine.  My normal wake up, convince myself to call into work.  Then convince myself to go to work.  Finally, get up, got potty, get dressed and head out for the day.

Usually this then means holding on for dear life in the car as D zips in and out of traffic, getting increasingly angry as we approach each slow car, each car that can’t stay in their lane OR the continuous breaker who lives on their brakes.

Then argue about how I fear for my life all well knowing I will not drive in this because well, look at him doing it and while I may or may think I might die we never do.  I on the other hand get severe anxiety driving down town. So I guess I have come to the conclusion that my anxiety beats the feeling of death when D drives us to work.

Then I get to work.  I use to be the first one here, but they hired a new girl so now I am the second, now sometimes third person here.  (I miss my mornings alone).  Get to work, sit down, think of all the things I need to do for the day, grab my phone…..

Wait! My phone! Shit! I forgot my phone in the van.  Of course we are now in a day and age where we no longer remember numbers (except for I still remember my parents) 903-447 well you get the point.  Crap, okay how to quickly contact D?

So I go to get online, and Crap! I my computer was shut down.  So I wait like the whole minute it takes to load which feels like an eternity.  Click on the chrome link.  Wait another eternity of like 2 freakin minutes… All I can think of is shit, no music today….

My first thought was to find his resume in my email quickly (thank you gmail search!).  Surely that would have his number on it right?  Nope, some how it has MY number…. ALL of them! ugh, really? Seriously? I don’t even know how this is possible because I SWEAR they didn’t before!

Fine, what’s next.  Ah, yeah that’s right FB messager!  The messages go straight to his phone and he is streaming music in the van so he will see it.  Okay, I will do that.  So, I message him…. “I left my phone in the van”…. I get a reply of how he can’t turn around now… Look at the time and some how 10 freakin minutes had already passed and he is right even if he could turn around time wise he couldn’t without risking being late.

Have a tiny moment on why his resume has MY number and how he thought I should fix it… To my reply of frown face, it’s no not my resume.  To a whatever… Whatever?! Excuse me, uh…. Okay, fine, exit that window because I love my husband and don’t want to murder him today over a number.

So today will be the day that everyone will decide to call me I am sure….. sigh….

Of course you do not dare ask “could this day get worse” because it could… I mean total first world problems here, I forget my phone and it’s the end of the world as we know it!  But seriously though, no music.  oh well…. At least I have my work buddy to get me through.  Thank god for those! and a bunch of these …… to put into my posts (don’t ya just love them?)….. lol

So how’s your morning going?