So on Friday I have a doctor’s appointment.  As many of you knew I had lost my job right before our wedding.  Let me tell you that SUCKED.  It really did put us under.  One of the things I had no choice but to slack on was paying for my health insurance.

I was under the impression as long as I made a payment within 90 days I would be fine.  What I didn’t know was that while the policy wouldn’t be closed by making a payment within 90 days I still couldn’t use the insurance until the premium was paid up.

I felt that kind of defeated the purpose.  sigh… So I haven’t been to the doctor lately.  This is actually bad because I am on Warfrin and this does need to be checked often.  However, the good news is that I have been on this for a couple of years now and know all the lovely signs and warnings of a low INR.  And believe me after a while you get a sense when it’s off (low or high).

That still is no good excuse other than I just wanted no more additional debt.  So a week ago I sucked it up since starting my new job (which I have been with almost 3 months now) I paid up my premium (that was a pretty penny) paid off the small loan we took out to float along and finally made my appointment with my doctor again.

I won’t lie, I am dreading this appointment because I haven’t been on my meds, my weight is creeping back up.  Of course she will probably think this is also no eating on plan which I would say I wasn’t for about a year prior to seeing her and stayed in the same range but doctors don’t really care to hear those types of things.

Either way she wanted me last time to aim for 2K in calories and like 50 grams of carbs.  Every being in me wants to fight this because I seriously do suck at calorie counting.  I have been trying to get back into the swing of it and by dinner it’s blown.  Once I start cooking it’s like crap now I have to put in all the ingredients, figure out serving sizes, and how much did I get again?

Stupid yes, but I despise it.  I am only doing it right now for the most part to just help keep me in check because it does help me be more mindful.  I would honestly much prefer carb counting which is by far easier and really doing it right at 50 grams there is no need to also count calories.   It’s not like I am eating pounds of butter too.  Which I don’t believe fat makes you fat anyways.  Sugar does.

But that’s besides the point.  I want to do what she says so she will finally just do this stupid hormone test but ugh.  I am just dreading this….. I hate being lectured (who likes that?). Then I have to get a referral to see my doc for my INR’s again.  They said since it’s been a few months I have to get one again.  Sigh…. Such is life.

I just wish she would just do the stinkin test and that be that.  Worse case it says normal and I will have to just look somewhere deep within me and figure out how on earth do I do this? Anyways, so I will update you on that! Otherwise things are going pretty okay.