Let me tell you something, if you have never counted calories you would probably think it’s pretty easy.  Logically, it totally sounds like it would be.  It requires two simple things reading and math!

However, I have found the idea of trying to do the math sometimes can be a bit… annoying.  Sometimes I think to myself I just need to eat a bunch of food with a nutritional  label but honestly that doesn’t work when you are trying to eat less processed food.

I struggle when counting the most at dinner.  At dinner time I just take this and that, throw it in a pot and cook it.  Then I put it in a bowl and eat it.  This my friend is simple science…. But when you have to figure up all the calories in that scientific meal.  Well, my friend then it just turns into a big fat drag.

I know that the core of this is planning a head and believe me I am sure I will get there.  But in the mean time I will just say I really need a better plan lol.  How do you cook for a big family and accurately count without making you special meals.  Ugh, I guess like they say anything good is something you gotta work for.  Guess tomorrow maybe I should count it all out BEFORE I consume it…. MAybe then I won’t have a myfitnesspal with just breakfast and lunch loaded each day?