I am letting all of you know that I will be shutting down I am not just a fat girl.  I will be keeping this up for the rest of the week so those few I am sure that read will not wonder, “hey, what happened to that girl’s blog that I read every so often”.

There isn’t much to report just for the fact that despite my lack of time I just don’t have my heart in this journey any longer.  I wasted two years on it.  The only positive I can say that has come from it is the fact that I have met so many wonderful people.

While at times I feel like I have stuff to say by the time I finally get to the computer it almost feels like what’s the point.  And my weight, well, I won’t say it’s exactly a losing battle but one I just not going to fight in the present future.

I am not killing the site because who knows maybe one day I will have a change of heart but this year, it all changed for me.  I realized that my journey wasn’t a typical journey.  I don’t get to post about my awesome work out and being another pound down.

I am not an inspiration, and I defiantly have failed at exceeding my goals.  It’s disappointing but I know a lot of it isn’t my fault.  However, I don’t have the means available at this time to really do everything required to get to the bottom of what caused this in the first place (even if that reason is myself).

I am not saying I am giving up in general but that the purpose of the blog isn’t being served and honestly, I can’t serve it right now.  I wish you all the best!  Good luck in your journeys.  I am so proud of all of you!  Thank you for being ears when I needed people to listen!  So long for now!