I know that’s been the norm around here…. I don’t have the best of excuses really other than starting this new job it’s been hard to get into a good routine.  My Monday – Friday consists of:

  • Get up at 6am
  • Leave for work by 6:40
  • Get to work and start about 7:45
  • Work until 5:30 ish
  • Get home around 6:15 ish
  • Start dinner
  • Try to have dinner done and served before 8pm
  • Watch a little tv
  • By 8:00-8:30 put down the 3 yr old
  • 9pm it’s time for the big kids to go to bed
  • 9 to 10 pm it’s time for momma to go to bed.

I am sure as you can see there isn’t much time there in between.  I know many say if you want XYZ bad enough you will make it happen sometimes makes me wonder their busy schedule, body and patterns?  Because let me explain, getting up already right now at 6am is a chore for me.  I am NOT a morning person.  It’s just who I am….

D gets up at 4:40 everyday to hit the gym by 5am.  I get it, but guess what?  He lives just fine off of 4-5 hours of sleep.  I DON’T like not.at.all.  Just ask D… He will tell you….  Evil things happen when I am sleep deprived….

Then you have the getting home part, seriously during the week the ONLY time I have to do anything is that hour before bed most days.  While, I get that choice and it’s mine I like having it with my family and winding down.

Now, this isn’t a forever routine, we are hoping once I get another car I change my hours and get off an hour earlier which will make things a little better.  Given I already get up at 6am (because D and I share a car so I have to get up earlier) I have that down now having an extra hour in the afternoon would be AWESOME!

So with that said! lol I haven’t been around because think about it if I am saying I have a hard time working out then when do I have time to also blog?

But we all know that getting healthy isn’t just about working out!  I know this and you know this.  What I don’t seem to know is to be frankly honest how someone can eat under 2500 calories a day (and yes I have counted and usually it’s even under 2500) and yet still weigh at or over 300lbs?  It just boggles me! Like today at 3:30 I am at 880 calories… It’s not like I eat buckets of food here! ugh.

I guess I assume to be 300lbs I would have to eat much more than 2500 calories.  By science I know I would.  Even doing simple things like cutting carbs only works short term.  I don’t quiet understand it.  I know there HAS to be a formula (aside from just stop eating lol) that has to work for me.  Something I can fit into my daily life and is sustainable?  Right?  Sigh, who knows at this point…

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know I am still here 🙂