So this week I started my new job (hence my silence).  It’s been a pretty long week for me.  Adjusting to getting up early and working 8 plus hour shifts away from home has been interesting.

For the past four years I have been home and two of those years working from home.  But I will say that I really like my new job.  It’s strange because it’s the first job that I have ever liked from like day one!

Even the job I previously had the day I walked in there I was ready to walk right back out.  I think for the most part I was allured by their money giving vs the actual job.  But this place I really seem to like it.

It’s nothing fancy or anything.  The company needed a billing department so they hired me and another girl to create one.  So it’s neat because we are not replacing people so the only place now to go is the top lol.  So yeah that’s been exciting.

Sadly, with the new job, hours, traffic and tons of excuses I could give you that I know you could tell me is just excuses everything concerning weight loss hasn’t been as much on my for thoughts.

It’s still there though.  My hours were kind of all over this week for training but next week I am supposed to get on a set schedule and hopefully, I can restart my couch to 5 K which since I only did 2 days of week one so far makes sense.

I also need to get my eating in check.  For some reason when working eating food I bring is a hard thing for me to do.  But luckily for me the girl I work with likes to bring hers too so, we just sit, eat and chat.  Which is nice!

It’s all process and I think that’s what I will call this year a PROCESS!

Hopefully, we will get in a good routine and I get a nice order with things and get a 100% back on track!  Anyways, it’s Friday so I hope you enjoy your week and I… Well, I plan to catch up on some much-needed sleep!