UntitledI don’t care who you are, how big or small you are, we all have seen shocking before and after photos.  Many of use these photo’s as inspiration to help motivate us to lose weight.  I know I have!

I don’t think these are horrible images to look at and even I have been inspired at times.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I held my pants next to me that it dawned on me just how miss leading some pictures really can be.  I noticed how easily a picture can make it appear as if you have lost weight even though you may have not lost a single pound.

Now, I am not talking about just sucking in, wearing different colored clothing, different angles, photo-shop, etc.  No, actually, this is MUCH more simple than that!  One of the biggest factors for me gaining weight so quickly was looking at clothing and thinking surely I can fit into that.  “It’s huge!” I would think to myself.  Surely, I am smaller than that!  To then my disappointment when I try on the said article of clothing and it’s too small!  I thought in my mind “how can this be”? I mean, I don’t look that big do I?

For the longest I thought this was just an image issue.  I saw myself smaller than I was.  While, I was correct that I did view myself smaller than I was that wasn’t entirely the issue.  I picked up a pair of pants and put it next to me and saw myself in the mirror.  Right then I saw an ad.

Looking in the mirror it looks like these pants are MUCH too big for me.  But in reality they fit me actually pretty well.  So I wanted to show you this.  Not to say all before and after photo’s are wrong or liars.  Because, I would like to believe that most are not.  But to really show how some can really be misleading.  To show maybe we should focus more on ourselves and our own journey instead of seeking validation from someone else?

So in the photo below you will see a picture of myself that I had my daughter take of me (discard the crap of stuff my kids left in the corner that I just noticed).  I am holding up a pair of jeans that I own.  Now when you look at this photo.  It appears (at least to me, you be the judge) that these pants are big correct?  They appear to be larger than myself.


But then here is me minutes later actually wear them.  As you can see they are not huge on me.  In fact, they fit me pretty well.  Aside from being a little long and just a tiny space in the waist to spare (believe me not much) these pants fit.  Do you not agree?



My thought process with this is, I don’t want people to look at themselves and think that these pictures they see define their journey.  Because, we don’t know anything about these types of photos.  Nor, do we really know anything about the person and their journey.  While, I think looking at before and after photo’s can be very inspiring and I encourage them. I just don’t focus entirely on them.  Because looks can be deceiving.  And well, objects maybe larger than they appear!

I looked like in the 1st photo that I have lost weight in really, I didn’t at all.  I didn’t have to get pants that were bigger than me to give this illusion.  I just had to hold them in front of me.  Although, I will admit I won’t look at pictures where people hold pants in front of themselves in before and after photo’s the same ever again lol…. I think I will stick to the ones where they are wearing the old pair of pants lol.  So that is my PSA for the day!