IMG_20140729_191825When I first started my journey one of my first changes was fitness.  I have found when you start focusing on fitness the rest kind of goes with it.  I find when I work out I try to eat better.  I know many who work out to eat junk, but for me it inspires me to eat better.  But it’s still a process.  The eating better doesn’t typically happen overnight.

So what are my new changes you ask?  Well, first I am not weighing myself.  This change isn’t about one single number.  I am just making better choices in my life slowly!  This can be by how I look, dress, eat, and work out!  My first step was yesterday.  Well, actually, I am incorrect!  My first step has been months in the making by wanting to try this journey again, from there I downloaded C25k on my phone, then I got headphones for my phone, and then downloaded songs I wanted to listen to….

All these things pumped me to get ready.  Because the fact is, it’s a process!  I can’t just jump into all of this!  I know that doesn’t work for me.  Finally yesterday I did day one of C25K.  All in all it wasn’t bad.  But it was only a total of 1.5 miles including warmup.  But again this isn’t about numbers

IMG_20140729_202333I am not preparing for any races (although, I did think about it) this is just purely to see what my body can really do with training.  I got frustrated a few times because I couldn’t run a full minute.  Sometimes I couldn’t run at all.  Sometimes my “brisk” walk, was a slow walk.  But like I said- it’s all a process!  The good news is today I can’t wait for tomorrow to try again!  Which I find to be progress!