Long time no see these days.  I know I haven’t been here regularly as you all know!  I have been in such a pickle these days.  I lost my job right before our wedding which put us in a huge financial bind.  So the past several weeks have been filled with a bunch of stress!  However, I hoping this week everything will change.  I have went on quite a bit of interviews lately.  Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise interview.   So the plan was 3 possible interviews.  I had one actually scheduled with a temp agency, the other two were also temp places but they said to come in when available that day type deal.  I would take the testing and all that jazz (gotta love temp agencies) they both were interested in me as well.  So after temp agency number 1 which went quite well however, the position was a little farther than I would like in a direction that it is a bit out of our way.


So after the first interview while I was sitting in my car about to prepare to go to the next place I get a call from a job I applied for online.  Turns out they were just minutes from where I was at so I asked if I could meet with them right then and they were all for it!  So off I went.  The interview went so well I was asked if I could come back at 1 for a second interview with another guy.  So I had lunch with D and came back met with the second person who then wanted me to meet with a third person.  They sent my paper work off to get a background check done.  The last lady said she wasn’t sure where they were in the process of interviews but I should know something by Friday but to know I was the first person she has met so far so that was a good sign she said. lol.  I really do want this job!  So fingers crossed!  I really hope I didn’t spend over 3 hours at this place for nothing and blew off the other two temp agencies.  (well, I told them I couldn’t make it that day which was fine).  But still…. I told her I will be employed one way or another by Monday so it can be with them or someone else but this will happen! lol she was like wow that’s bold but I am glad you are confident that’s good!

So we shall see…. I  have a few posts up my sleeve that I am working that I will be posting soon but in the mean time I thought I would give a quick update.  I hope all is well…..