Man, let me tell you what?  It’s HARD to get back on track when you have been out of the game for several months.  Not to mention I have started a new job and well there is a lot of not so great temptation there…. Like chocolate and lots of fast food lol…. I keep telling myself, I can do this and just not eat XYZ and yet what do I do?  I eat it…. Ugh.  Slaps hand.  Shame shame Misty!  Shaking my head.  It’s such a hard process.  I am starting to figure out how I will do a work out routine here soon so that should be good.  I am hoping to start getting back in to exercising regularly and I have found usually the helps jump-start the good eating. We shall see!

The wedding is coming up and coming fast.  I won’t lie I have a had a few break downs here and there.  I totally see why people elope even though I totally did so the first go round and well, hated it.  BUT that was before I ever had to plan a wedding.  Seriously, it’s no joke.  Wedding planners are worth every penny in my book because this job sucks!  All in all I know the night will go so fast and all we will have his pictures. Seems kind of crazy to spend so much for a few hours of fun but hey you live once right?

So I started a new job a few weeks ago.  Things haven’t went exactly like planned but all in all I am hopeful this could be a good fit for our family.  It’s frustrating how hard we work to get a head and we constantly feel like we are never a head but I know that god has a plan so I keep trying to just stick with it all.  But I won’t lie it’s a bit draining.  I kind of ask myself when is it my turn?  But I can’t complain too much.  I have four healthy children.  A man I love who loves me and well, I may not be the healthiest but I’m alive!

I am hoping this year will be my year to figure this stuff out and if not well there is another whole year waiting.  I will figure something out I am sure!  Hopefully lol….. So Yeah, hopefully I will have a little more time these days to write and I think it helps with my accountability.  Maybe I need some no chocolate buddies?  Anyone willing to shout at me for eating chocolate on a daily basis? lol   Yeah? No? alright!  Well it’s late and I really must go to bed but until then I hope all you peeps out there have a great weekend! 🙂