So yeah, I haven’t been around here much lately.  I have started working a second job which takes up majority of my free time.  I haven’t blogged much at all lately, mostly because I haven’t been very inspired to do so. However, I feel an update was necessary.  Ironically, not much going on here (as to why I feel I should update)… My eating has been kind of whatever and my weight has maintained it seems.  Makes no sense to me but whatever.  I have a doctors appointment in like two weeks to start going over all my issues.  I can’t say at this point I am very hopeful but I figured I would entertain it.  Besides I need a new doctor since I have insurance now.

Other than that there is a whole lot to report.  The wedding planning is moving along.  I finally finished our wedding website  We still have to pick out who our caterer is going to be.  We thought we knew and then I kind of changed my mind so we have been going on a bunch of taste testings.  Sounds like fun right?  Kinda, except for now I am more confused and probably more bloated lol.  But hey it is what it is.  I have a month until alterations for my dress and I fear that I am not going to fit into my dress!  Ugh, why can’t these be things that you get like the weekend before.  Then there is no stress right?  I think so at least.

Second job is moving along okay.  Boss lady is an interesting one but all in all I really like the job.  I think it has a lot of potential. So that’s really it.  Not a whole lot going on here.  I know for sure I will update about my appointment.  Who knows maybe it will be a good thing? Only time will tell….