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IMG_8359So this morning I weighed in.  I know Monday has been my weigh in day.  But I thought to put things into perspective that I would see how I did for a whole months time.

I had started the elimination diet on the 27th of last month.  Since I have had some foods.  The diet was more so in support of family which some foods we have found to be issues and others were not.  So it’s been interesting.

I stared the month off at 303.4 and I ended the month with 297.0 which puts me at a total loss for the month at 6.4lbs.  Honestly, this is STILL good.  So, yeah, earlier this month I was 294 but I can’t focus on that at all.

It’s the over all picture!

AF is due tomorrow so we shall see what the numbers do.  But for now I am okay with 6.4lbs lost.  I am really considering weighing once a month.  I figure if I need to make sure I am on track I can weigh but I don’t want to focus too much about numbers.

So there ya have it folks.   Let’s see what next month brings.