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Man, it’s hard not to give into temptation!  For me that is typically eating out.  If I know I have the money in my pocket I am ready and willing!  However, afterwards I am annoyed 1. because I ate crap and 2. because I really hate wasting money on food when I have food at home!

That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s not okay to go out once in while.  In fact I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.  BUT for me, 1 day turns into like 3.  Like for instance this weekend I had to pick up my van so D and I ate out, then I had to meet up with my friends to look at dress so we ate out and by Sunday I was craving me some Mexican food so you guessed it! I ate out.

All this morning I had to tell my brain NO! you are not eating out!  I had enough.  Not to mention this Saturday I have to do a food tasting (such the wedding planning life) so I already know I will be eating out again.  AND it’s a date night so yeah!  Which also means I have to keep myself in check.

If I want this weight to come off I can’t slip into those old habits.  I also noticed that I did much better with the more strict elimination diet.  I have started to see what works and what doesn’t.  Like rice and quinoa had no effect on my weight.  even white rice to boot.  This also included potatoes.  Yep, I had WHITE potatoes.  Not that I don’t love sweet ones don’t get me wrong!

But things like almond milk, too much granola, rice pasta the weight slowed even eating with in calorie range.  This does tell me that obviously our bodies totally respond to different types of foods.  So I will say that it is much more than calories in vs out but also what you eat.  Now, with that said I can still lose eating those things just the weight loss is typically much, much slower.

I do think that we have been told so much about weight loss we are all confused.  Like the whole 1-2lb a week loss and how rapid weight loss is bad.  The facts are though, for bigger people a more rapid loss is NORMAL. Usually this is because their diets are packed with so much sodium they were retaining a ton of fluid.  Of course we know I still don’t get rapid weight loss much anyways lol.

However, I won’t shun someone for losing 3lbs or so in a week.  I don’t think the problem is really losing weight fast.  I think the problem is finding something that’s not a temporary fix.  When you eat in a temporary setting then your results will be temporary!  Period!  I hate when people say “diet” vs “life style” as if “diet” is such an evil word.  When in reality the word “diet” just means what you eat.

I don’t know why the word “life style” makes my eye roll but it totally does.  I say eat a diet that works for you that you can stick to there for yes, making it a life style.  Ick that word.  lol anyways, the hardest part is that dang ole’ temptation.  I know there are some that say this isn’t hard but man when you start cutting out a ton of foods it kind of is.  Especially, when it’s something you are just not use to.

However, it’s also not the hardest thing ever.  Weight loss in general can be for sure but the act of eating good food really isn’t.  It’s all about retraining your brain.  Which, hey, I am working on.  So for today, while the temptation was totally there I totally didn’t cave and went home and ate there.  1 point for Misty 0 for temptation! Yeah!

What was your most recent victory?