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Well, boy oh boy was this weekend eventful.  Not only did I get my van on Friday! Woot – Woot…  As many of you know my van crapped out on me.  We were not exactly expecting it but we were left to get something else.  We are cash family so this always makes my searches even harder.

BUT I found her!  She fits me perfectly.  We paid 3,300 for her (350 less than they were asking) and couldn’t be happier.  Miles isn’t too bad 120K especially for a used van.  Our last was about that and it lasted us 4 years.  And hey, can’t beat no car payment!  Here she is in all her glory!

my *new* van

I also went out with my bridesmaids on Saturday, paid for my dress and we found my bridesmaids dresses as well 🙂 I am so excited!!!!  The wedding planning is slowly moving along.  We had a blast.


Now, on to find another job to pay for everything else to really start building back our savings! I did end up eating out a lot this weekend but to my surprise I didn’t gain so that’s nice.  I am not as low as I was earlier this month.  BUT I noticed that the 27th will more one month from when I started this and if you go by that I still have lost 5lbs!

So honestly, I can’t be upset!  I mean 5lbs in one month is still good.  So I am gonna keep trucking along!  🙂 The fact that I am not staying at least where I started is good.  I will weigh in on the 27th for my one month weigh in.  I was thinking I might actually do all my progress tracking by month vs by week.

So much changes in a day/week that I want to go by the over all progress not the up and downs.  I might even just make it where I just weigh in once a month but still not sure about that yet.  I don’t want to not weigh and I lose focus too at the same time the scale doesn’t always dictate weight loss.  For you can lose inches too which I have!

I went to buy my wedding dress on Saturday.  I put a deposit down at the beginning of the month and at that time the dress was snug and tight.  They said I would need a couple of inches on both sides.  This Saturday she said I need like one inch in the back!  Score!  So yay for inch loss!

Anyways… I hope you guys all had a great weekend like I did 🙂 Please share what was the highlight of your weekend?