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Well, the water weight is slowly coming off I am down 5lbs already and another 5 to go to get where I was Saturday morning.  AF is due next weekend so I am sure by then I should lose the next 5lbs and hopefully be down more.

I have just stayed on plan and going from there.  It’s really all that I can do at this point.  I wish I knew a bit more in advance when the big O (and we are not talking orgasms here) is about to happen so I can just avoid the scale that day.

I think what I might do is the second I start seeing signs I just have to lay off the weighing until after AF that way I don’t screw myself with that number.  But I tend to have a habit of doing that.

So the past month has been pretty stressful.  Our van died as I mentioned so we have been looking to get another one.  I never thought it would be so hard for people to answer three simple questions.  1. How many owners has the van had? 2. Is there any work that needs to be done and 3. What work has been done?

Now, we know some of these are just people who buy these cars and resell them.  But when I ask you does it need anything and you say “it drives good” that doesn’t answer my question.  Our van drove good too but it did have an oil leak, check engine light on and some air flow issue before the transmission went out.

I am about done looking for one.  We even upped our budget (we are paying for a cash car) what’s more funny with that is I will find newer models with just as many miles on them as the older models OR more miles and typically far over the blue book value.

Sigh, I keep telling myself my van is out there but I am totally having my doubts.  Not to mention we were expecting to buy a van after the wedding.  Since the van unexpectedly died I am having to use our wedding fund to pay for the van.  This means we have to make up what we spend.

It sucks because I had totally enough for the wedding, enough to pay my deductible for my insurance and the extra money I get for work this time of year was enough to probably come up with our honeymoon.  Now not so much!  So once we get a van I am looking for a second part-time job.

I am a bit nervous working because every time I have worked something has happened to my health and each time it gets a bit more serious.  But I keep telling myself I am not looking for a full-time position, even though I am keeping my current at home job too.

We will see how it works.  D already told me after the wedding if it’s too much I don’t have to keep both jobs or worse case he will pick up something he can do on the weekends.  Which, I am trying to avoid.  He works enough as it is and it just doesn’t seem quite fair.

On the plus side several of the important things in the wedding have been paid OR will be paid this week which I am super excited about.  It really just leaves us coming up with smaller things (which mind you all adds up) but at least things like food and venue won’t be sacrificed lol

So that’s what’s going on here.  Anything new with you?