So today marks 4 weeks on the elimination diet and it’s also weigh in Monday.  I really hoped for this month to be different.  I was shocked last week when I started seeing signs of ovulation I was staying down and thought maybe this month will be different.

So Saturday D and I had a cake tasting and he took me out to dinner.  While our eating was not the best I didn’t eat an insane amount of food.  In fact I had to take like three small boxes from the cake tasting.  I just couldn’t eat it.  For dinner we had some yummy Tai food!

Naturally, on Sunday I weigh in and I am up like ALOT.  D was up like 3lbs which was a given.  Our bodies wasn’t use to the extra sodium and such.  But then I weigh in this morning and I am up 10 full pounds from Saturday.  On Saturday I got so super excited because the scale said 292 🙂 I thought hey I might actually reach 290 by Monday.

Uh, no scale is 302 just ONE pound under what I started 4 weeks ago.  Now, this morning my body is telling me that Ovulation is occurring for sure.  With that I do know I gain.  AF is expected next week.  I just don’t get it though.  10 pounds I always gain like 10lbs.  I get we ate not so great on Saturday but one day shouldn’t cause me to gain 9lbs (I was up 9lbs the very next day).

I also logically know that I can’t gain 9lbs of fat in one day. That still doesn’t make the process any less annoying.  BUT it’s okay I guess….. I will just ride this week and continue to eliminate foods and drink, drink, drink my water so that I can hopefully loose this water weight.  Maybe, next week I will see my 290!  Trying to stay optimistic this month…. sigh….