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1014061_213682088822306_2102863430_nI don’t know exactly what it is that I took out of my diet or what? But, the pounds are starting to *knock on wood* fall off!  I am in complete shock honestly.  I have taken many things out of my diet before and not have had success then again I didn’t have my IUD which I do believe is also helping.

But whatever it is, it’s working.  I don’t really eat much different from before.  The main thing I think is, I actually do eat less meat.  That I do know.  I know it’s kind of hard to be like how can you be eliminating so much and still not eat much meat?  But I don’t.  I eat veggies, rice/quinoa, some fruit and about two servings of meat a day (sometimes just one).

I am also not eating any eggs or dairy.  I have went dairy free before but not egg free.  I do love eggs and kind of miss them including bacon (we took that out for now) but all in all I am doing really good.  I think the green shakes help out so much in the mornings.


They also work great with my life style.  I also try to keep a few things cooked.  Like Quinoa that way I can just heat up a little, mix in some veggies and wah-la lunch!  Dinner is pretty simple as well.  One meat and two veggies at least.  However, that hasn’t changed all that much.  Just what I put in dinner has.  Everything is pretty much fresh ingredients.


So, all in all I am pretty shocked but happy about it.  I really can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds for me.  I think the fact I lost last week was HUGE.  With AF here I am still steadily losing.  Even D seems to be losing again as well.  So yay us!  Monday’s are going to be my official weigh in.  So stay tune for that!