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So as I had mentioned last week I had taken a lot of things out of my diet recently to help support D to find if he has any food sensitive or allergies.  I have had two days where I had *some* foods not on plan but nothing major (we are talking like yogurt/cheese) all in small amounts.  So for the most part I stayed on plan with him.

So a change has totally happened.  Ever since I got the IUD back in I have noticed a few things.  1.  I am not *as* moody during PMS time 2. AF is lighter (sorry guys) and 3. It’s a little easier to lose weight (weird I know).  Last week I also decided to do WW.  So even though I am doing the elimination diet I felt it was important to still track.

I am happy to report that even though AF came last night I am still down 6.4lbs since last Monday.  I am actually really excited about this.  Honestly, normally, I wouldn’t.  Why?  Because I have been in the same weight range for 2 years now.  I discovered for the past two years I can’t seem to get below 280.

So being only 297 this morning shouldn’t excite me.  BUT it does.  One of the reasons it did was I lost that 6lbs while ON PMS.  I looked and back tracked and losing weigh the week before AF was RARE.  If I did it was maybe a lb.  I’m not sure exactly what’s helping.  As I have eaten low carb before (dairy though maybe?).

But whatever it is, it’s working!  I am interested to see what the rest of the month brings.  I also have to now stay on this longer.  My daughters results from her allergy test has her allergic to wheat, soy, corn, peanuts and eggs.  So they wanted her to do an elimination diet.  She also has shown issues with bananas, diary and apples.  So for next three weeks those are being eliminated.

We are taking the main things the wheat, soy, dairy, corn and peanuts from every ones diet in the house.  So now, I will have to do this for at least a month…  I will say it’s a little easier to do when you have to do it for someone else lol vs myself.  But this weekend I have found some parts I do enjoy.

I don’t enjoy the cooking for sure.  But I started doing smoothies and that helps.  I am going to have to start pre-cooking some meat a head of time so that I can have it when needed on days I don’t like to cook.  Especially since I’m not really a crock pot type of girl.  I think the fact I can have some carbs aside from veggies (like rice) helps a lot for me.

So in conclusion it was a pretty decent week.  I had one kind of freak out moment when I screwed up dinner and it wasn’t going to be done (the meat) in the time frame I needed.  I can’t just order take out anymore if I screw up dinner.  So I just ate veggies instead lol.

So I just need to prepare more and I am sure I will be fine.  Oh, and great news.  I also got my wedding dress on Saturday!  It’s a big snug and I had to buy off the rack but it’s gorgeous!  So now I have to stick to this lol.  I am so excited.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tell me what you are doing this week to keep your self accountable!