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Well, so far I have done pretty well.  I will admit yesterday I did go slightly off plan for I ate out but all in all I didn’t do badly and still logged my points. I stayed in points.  I didn’t eat out w/D so I was still supportive! lol

So yesterday we took my middle daughter to the allergists since recently she tested allergic to several foods.  We decided in the appointment we will do a full elimination diet for her and see if the foods she is eating is what’s affecting her.  (She gets stomach and throat issues from time to time).

I have decided for the next few weeks I am going to try it on my son too because he has been puffy this past year and I am thinking something isn’t agreeing with him.  When we ate mostly meat and veggies he slimmed down.  But since I added some things back into our diet he has gained some weight.

So starting next week when I buy groceries I will have to start making their lunches for them and breakfast (they eat at school) and we will see  how they do.  It’s pretty restrictive and they don’t all like the same things I do so this will be a challenge.  K was positive for wheat, soy, egg, peanut and corn.

So that takes out quiet a bit of foods.  But that’s okay because it leaves room for healthy foods.  I told the kids to write me a list of meats and veggies they like and I will see what I can do to keep it interesting for them.

Other than that I feel good.  I am in the tired phase of the diet which is never fun.  I just wanna sleep all day.  Blah but otherwise I feel fine.  For some reason this time it’s easier.  Since we can’t have egg I have had to get a bit more creative for breakfast but I have had good success.

So anyways, that’s what I have been upto the past few days.  What’s new with you?