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So I know talked yesterday about hating restrictive diets.  Poor D hasn’t been feeling good at all.  His asthma is really acting up and he keeps getting respiratory infections and overall feels like poo.  The problem is normally D never gets sick.

BUT he has had some severe allergies.  He was tested for seasonal allergies years ago  and a lot came back positive but he didn’t test food.  After he took some items out of his diet a while back when we were eating super low carb he did notice a difference, especially, since lately we had not been eating so healthy.

Being the nice little fiance I told him I would do this with him.  It’s for two weeks, I know I will live but I am also like WTH was I thinking????? I will say however, today was much easier because I was doing this for him and not “me”.

I knew that if I were to do an elimination diet I wouldn’t let him eat certain foods so I figured I should give him the same respect.

So you maybe asking yourself what does this elimination diet require?

Well we are eliminating for about 2 weeks (at least 5 days but knowing dairy takes about 2 weeks to exit the system probably 2 weeks).  Several high allergen foods including a few we know he might sensitive to.  What we can’t have:




Sugar – because this just needs to be done this includes honey, sweeteners, agave anything is sugar or a substitution for sugar.



Wheat (obviously)

Citrus fruits


Beans (well most of them)


And I *think* that’s it lol  It’s really basic honestly.  Fruits, veggies and meat pretty much.  However, we can have a few things…

Most Meats with the exclusion of sausage, bacon, and some canned meats stuff like that oh and most frozen meats.

We are allowing green beans and snap peas

EVO and alike products

Most veggies




And some fruit mostly berries

oh yeah and seeds (chia, sun, etc)

Like this was my lunch!


I have no clue why knowing I can have at least rice makes me feel better.  In the past when I went low carb I cut rice.  I am not even a huge rice fan.  I think it’s more so I get a “starchy” carb? lol I have no clue but for some reason tell me I can have rice and I am like alright I can do this.

This will be the first time I have went egg free.  I have went diary *I think* lol but I know I have never went egg.  So it’s been a bit different.  Luckily, since I eat more low carb meals anyways it still isn’t too hard.

I even totally scored grocery shopping.  I got all of this for just 179 dollars for our family of 6.  Granted I will need to make another run for a few things but all in all that was AWESOME because normally we spend more like 200-250 a week and still making runs to the store.  (Who says eating healthy has to be expensive?).


I also counted points today.  I still have like 8 points left to my surprise.  I can’t believe how simple it is.  Right now I am just doing WW solo but after a few weeks I told D if I feel a need to join meetings I will give it a go.  So anyways, Day one of the elimination diet is done.  I feel okay, food was good and I survived so that’s the most important part! lol.