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So today was my and D’s first EVER 5k!  I won’t lie I wasn’t very excited about this race.  While I have walked the distance of a 5k before I haven’t really attempted to run one.  I knew since I didn’t really train for it I would probably walk a lot.

The Beginning

So the day began at 5am.  D and I got up and ready!  I ate some oatmeal had a little bit of coffee and we were off.  I still wasn’t feeling a 100% from the day before.  For some reason on Friday I got really dizzy and it wouldn’t go away.

By Saturday morning it seemed to be better but wasn’t fully gone.  So I decided to go.  Told D if it got too bad I just wouldn’t run.


At The Race

So we arrived at the fair grounds where the race was held at 6:30 ish am since we had a little trouble finding out where exactly to park.  It was good because it gave us time to go potty (well, D not I for I do like porta potties) and hang out for a bit.

Then they did a warm up of Zumba.  That wasn’t too bad.  I’m still not a fan of Zumba but we had fun and the lady even had D get up on the stage (totally funny).  We had a good time getting all warmed up.


Race Time

By the time it was race time I was ready to go.  A little tired actually from the zumba (which was like 45 minutes long!).  The count down begins and we were off!


I would say the first mile I kept asking myself what the hell did I agree too?  I did much to my surprise jog off and on.  By the time I was almost to the second mile to I was starting to lose my energy.  I was getting pretty thirsty at this point and tired.  I was alternating running for a minute walking for a minute.  Sometimes the walking was much longer lol.

Then I saw D past me (there was a loop around) that kind of gave me my wind to do the last mile.  Which was nice!  I kept hearing my trainer J in my head to move and run!  I even argued with him in my head (kind of funny).  By the time I got almost to the 3rd mile my feet were burning.  I realized my socks were not cut out for running (I wear them normally for bootcamp with no problems).

My shoes suck too but I already knew this.  So by the time I got close to the finish line D decided (who was already done) to meet me and he walked/jogged with me the rest of the way!  I was so glad to have him by my side.  While I was running I kept thinking how great it would have been having someone with me to push me.


The Finish

Once we hit the finish line (I have NO clue what the time was) we got poured with more color (they did this a few times during the run).  Got some chocolate coconut water (which was really good), some nut bar and water.  We got all dusted off with the leave blower (well, as dusted as we could lol).  And went home.


By the time we got home I could barely walk.  I felt pretty crappy about this honestly.  I have like 3 blisters and chafing in areas that really shouldn’t allow chafing lol.  I showered and went back to bed.

By the time we got home I was feeling pretty dizzy again.  I fought it during the run and after the run it just got worse so I knew I need to lay down. Four hours later I was up and worked a little bit and here I am now.

I still feel pretty crappy and I am sure the dizziness surely didn’t help with the run.  I can’t really say I will be doing more races.  I might I don’t know but I am not really a fan of a lot of walking/running personally.  I did learn that I really really DO enjoy more strength training.  BUT also realized that I want to be able to run a 5K straight just to know I can.

I totally feared being the biggest girl there but wasn’t.  All in all I would say it was still a good experience.  I had a few moments wondering why the heck do people do these things.  But it’s funny on the last mile I did get a surge where I was going over a minute at a time running and not even thinking about it.  At first I would count and that worked for me.  After a while I just listened to the music and ran at a slow pace.

I am glad I still did it.  But even more glad it’s over lol

So there you have it. My first 5 K.