So on Saturday I will have my first 5K.  I will be frank with you, I know it’s just a 5K.  I also know that I have not done a thing to really train for it lol so I am not looking forward to it.

Everytime I run in bootcamp I think to myself how much I hate running and why on earth did I sign up for this race?  Thank god it’s just a fun run.  I will say I’m not sure if I will do more after this?

But hey, why jump a head before you try right? Right!

So, this week I have done pretty well.  The only thing is this is the week I normally do well anyways.  Next week when I ovulate will be the real challenge.  I am not sure if the IUD will help with anything (chances are small).

So I am fully aware that the past several pounds I have lost this week will be back on next week the day ovulation occurs.  But once again, I am jumping a head.  I should really stop that huh?

All in all everything seems to be going well. I have no clue when I am supposed to hear back about my lab results or the biopsy.  I kind of hate going through this system because it takes forever to find out anything.

I will admit apart of me is slightly worried but a bigger part of me is expecting to hear everything is fine and here I will be the forever fat girl.  Or so it feels like.  I can see how people get so desperate to try other weight loss methods.

Believe me all of them have went through my head.  Even surgery.  I think what stops me is the possibility of being worse off…  All in all I guess I will just keep taking this a day at a time.

It sucks when I can’t feel excitement for when I lose weight.  It sucks to know I will gain it back in a week.  I sucks that I feel I have done a lot of work over the past year and not a lot to show for it.

BUT something to be excited about I found some more new muscles. Which I DO find exciting.  I also find it exciting when things that were once hard for me are now easy.  There are things I struggle with no doubt.  BUT I am finding I am having to up my weights in class.  I am surpassing some of the girls too.

I know it’s not a competition so don’t get me wrong It’s just nice to be able to do stuff.  Anyways, tomorrow is Friday what are your weekend plans?