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As promised my update appointment on Friday.

The appointment:


Well, first off the appointment lasted forever!  Ugh I was there for four hours.  NOT fun!  But hey it’s Parkland so what else would one expect.

1.  To address something about how the system I get my health care works.

See, I am on what is called a community plan.  Our “local” hospital in my county has a program going by your income where you can get discounted services through them.  The downside to this care is they will only do things with in their scope OR what is “allowed”.  Of course anything medically necessary to be live is taken care of (like my INR tests).  BUT the rest it’s up to them NOT me.

I know many of you have mentioned I am paying them so I need to demand care.  I hate to say it just doesn’t work that way.  While I pay a very small fee to go they don’t work for me.  Or it sure doesn’t feel like it.  It’s like with insurance you are only limited to what your insurance covers the rest is up to you.  In this case expecting someone to go above and beyond just won’t happen because it’s not just me footing the bill.

So in the end I have to go through the flow that is until I can get on actual insurance and I have the ability to see who I want and then YES, they will be working for me essentially.  But even then you can’t always get what you want….

So now back to the appointment.

IMG_20131108_094601I first met with a student (teaching hospital) and then the doctor came in.  We went over everything.  Sucky thing is most if not all my issues can always be circled back to me being over weight.  It’s very difficult to get people to see that the over weight part is the symptom to something else.

I knew the routine and didn’t expect anything less.  We will check your thyroid. And go from there.  I did ask what if it was normal then what but pretty much got a big “I don’t know”.  I brought up PCOS but she was unsure since I have never had any sono’s on my cervix and so on.

Because of the issues I am having they decided to do a colposcopy to rule out cancer since I have had abnormal paps a couple of years ago and had one which read that the cells were ranked Mild for cancer.  So they wanted another look-see on that.  Wasn’t expecting to have that test done.

Then they did approve for me to have the Mirena IUD which I was very excited about.  We don’t now if it will help any of my issues but If my theory is correct it might.  Either way it’s just nice to not have to worry about babies for a while.  So I was excited about that and for that was still glad I went.

They took a few vials of blood and I go back in a month.  I hope I will at least get results on my blood work before then though.  I don’t know what all she sent off to test.  I have to say I never know what to really ask for, OR who I should really be seeing.  While she thought several things were odd it came down to what it always does start from square one and then work from there.

So the game plan?

Well, I went off the past few weeks from my eating so I am working on that this week.  The plan is to first stick to my 300-400 cals per meals/snacks and then slowly phasing out certain foods from my diet (going more clean).

I know that if I just go clean drastically I will fail.  It’s just something I know about myself but I think as a gradual change I will have more success.

So today I weighed in, took my measurements for the month.  And I will take a picture and we will see.  I am hoping the IUD will help, I know in my experience with it my PMS were better with it (I am thinking because AF is much lighter with it).  We shall see….

I did work out with the trainer Friday night.  Since I had the colposcopy I couldn’t do any heavy exercising or running for a few days.  So we did a light work out and had a great time.  His point was to show me that we didn’t have lift heavy weights OR do any running to get my heart rate up and to sweat and he was totally right!  So I am excited about that.

This week I will be working out pretty much all week.  I have my very first 5K on Saturday that I am nervous about since I have never been in one and totally didn’t train or anything.  Thank god it’s a fun run!  I keep trying to talk myself out of it lol.

I will let you guys know how it goes.

My Anniversary:

IMG_20131109_215237Oh and Saturday I got a hair cut, a little dressed up and D and I went out for a much needed night out on the town.  Our Anniversary was on Halloween.  We have been together for 6 years.

We went to a nice Italian restaurant and then we hit up a bar where we know a friend of his works at and hangs out on Saturdays and ended up hanging out with him most of the night.

We had a good time and ended up back home like at 4am lol It was a good night and much love to our friends who cared for M so we could go out!

Anyways so it’s Monday so tell me your goals this week!