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solicitingOn Monday we were told to make sure we came in on Tuesday (We have bootcamp Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) because there was a surprise.  Naturally, D and I figured trainer J was going to be there.

So yesterday D and I go to the gym and sure enough we are right.  I beam like a kid on Christmas day.  I LOVE when J is there.  The class just moves along so much better when he is.  Not that trainer M is bad he just gives a different vibe.

Outside of the class someone was selling some stuff.  I didn’t look at it for I had to hurry up and get into class.  Let me say I was pumped.  Ready to go.  Ready to kick some butt. 

Until….Shortly after entering my bubble was quickly busted.  Trainer J starts talking about how he found his souls mate yada yada yada.  Long story short he introduces us to this lady whom he calls his fitness soulmate.

At first I thought oh, okay she is going to help with the class…..

WRONG! No, all the sudden we hear her “story” which was more so of a “I hurt my back and then started to eat “clean” and I love fitness and feel great.  So here are these shots that I am selling and today we would like you guys to try it before your work out and at the end of class you can check out the products and maybe make some money.”

I instantly felt my ears burning, this warmth of heat through out my body.  Are you serious???? First of all no, I didn’t take the shot.  Not because I thought it was bad but I had not even read the ingredients for heaven’s sake and well lots of stuff can mess with my meds so I have to becareful with supplements.

But even that aside I PAY to be in this class, this whole ordeal took 20 minutes of MY workout time so you could promote YOUR business?  Do what?  Let me just be frank here I was PISSED.  Like seriously pissed.

I was so disappointing in trainer J.  I have no problems with being passionate about something, but talk about it before class or after but not during the time I am paying you (the gym) to take this class!  Even if I wasn’t paying anything you are still interrupting MY workout.  It’s just RUDE!

Maybe, I over-reacted but I am still slightly annoyed even today….

THEN what really annoys the shit of me is this chick along with some dude who they didn’t introduce are taking pics of us and videos of us while we are working out.  Now, I am sure there is something in some clause I have signed saying they could do this but in that moment I was not a happy camper.

It’s one thing when I give you permission (or at least I don’t think I have) to tape me or take photos but its another when you didn’t even ask.  I don’t even know you!!!! It made me uncomfortable the whole time I was working out.  It completely turned into a HUGE distraction for me.  I did NOT like it.

Am I wrong here?  Would this annoy you too?  I mean I feel like we are solicited everywhere we go heck, even my own blog/facebook page gets it from time to time.  But I just don’t expect to ever be solicited during my workout time…

On the positive side I still did manage to get a pretty good work out in!  I am sore today so I totally did something.  AND they laid off the lunges this time so my knee’s were very thankful. I did talk to trainer M about the lunges and about us having more exercises that work those muscles that don’t compromise our knee’s because I have heard several are having issues with them.  I would so take squats over them anyday.  At my size it’s probably best that I do lol.

Anyways,  so on the topic of an annoyance in the gym what is something that has annoyed you during a workout?