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So yesterday under the advice of my trainer I didn’t do bootcamp.  Instead I ended up doing the elliptical for a while, did some abs, arms and then the bike.  Let me tell you it was BORING.

I wouldn’t wait until I was done.  I didn’t sweat nearly anything like I do in class and just felt like I didn’t give my all because honestly I didn’t.  I hate doing floor exercises in the gym alone.

I always feel stupid and out-of-place.  It’s like I have the whole gym staring at me.  I know this is my own issue but I hate it.  I always feel like I am doing things wrong.  And always feel a bit lost.

My trainer did send me some exercises but I forgot to bring the list and so I ended up doing some that I knew from class that were upper body exercise.  Then I just did what I did pre bootcamp days.

It was not very satisfying.  I was done about 3 minutes before D was done with class.  After class the trainer (there are two) asked me where I was because he saw me before class. I gave him a run down.

The trainer then asked if I would participate in some challenge that they got our class into. Some other bootcamp class challenged ours to a tug-awar and he wanted me to come at 8am on Saturday.

To be honest I am totally NOT interested.  I told him I would let him know by Friday but he seemed shocked I wasn’t all about it.  I am thinking look dude that is the day I sleep in.  D always takes over with the little one that day and I like my freaking sleep!  Plus I have no desire to be pulled across pavement.

I have seen the girls in our class I could throw about half of them. lol He told D to just wake me up.  D goes “hey now, you know that I have live with her right?” lol.  So yeah, uh no! lol.

Anyways, nothing else to report.  Tracking with myfitnesspal this week. I only track when I really want an idea of things and so far it’s meh.  I’m in an over all meh mood.  I have a few thing to take care of today and then off to work I go.

Happy Tuesday Wednesday (boy am I off today!) everyone.  Hope you all are having a good day.